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Birth photography
Birth photography

Birth photography. An increasingly popular session all over the world. I feel privileged to be able to offer this type of photography and absolutley love when clients enquiry with me for this. I get excited straight off the bat. Birth photography will require a fair bit of planning for both the photographer and mum to be. I usually meet up with my client at a local coffee shop. We will relax with a nice coffee, chat a bit about me, a bit about mum to be and get to know each other . Then we will get into details. It is very important your photographer and you feel comfortable in eachothers company, we will after all be in a pretty special place soon :-0. During our little get together we will discuss all aspects of your upcoming birth. What you would like to achive and what you are comfortable with.


We will firstly need to obtain permission from your midwife and hospital, most Brisbane hospitals will allow a  birth photographer in the room. But sometimes birth does not go as planned.  Things go pear shape and an emergency c section may be required. It is alway good to have a written permission for your photographer to be in the room with you for this. Some hospitals will say yes other will say no, it may also be refused on the spot if things need to go fast. As a birth photographer, I will still get images from everything before and be there as soon as baby is out and I am let in.

Dad feeling the pain
Dad feeling the pain

When should I call my photographer?

Well, we have now made your booking, due date is near and mum starts to feel all sorts of pains and aches. Sometimes this is just early signs of labour, other times we are on. When I take a booking for birth, I make it very clear that all signs of labour needs to be communicated. A little text message at 2am is fine, expect a reply within a few minutes from me :-).

I usually tell mum to just feel how things are going. Sometimes you just know this will be quick, that’s when you call me straight away. Depending on hospital and time of day I can usually be there within 45 minutes, but sometimes it will be longer. Thats why early communication is so important. When things really hit, the last thing you will think about is to call your birth photographer, believe me, all your focus will be on you…..and it should be. I do recommend that your partner/ doula/ midwife have my number handy so they can call when it is time for me to come. If you do get measured I say call me when you are 5-7cm. From there onwards it can be fast.

Your birth photographer has arrived

The fun begins, for me anyways. I will capture it all, the pain, the breaks in between, the laughs and the cries. Labour can be intensive, it can be long or short, but no matter how it proceeds, we all await that final moment. Baby is born. I will capture crowning, the moment your baby first draws his breath, the first scream. You will have all the first moments of your new baby’s life forever memorised.

Birthing moment
After a long labour baby is finally here
Dad deliver baby
Dad is in awe delivering his new baby boy
Cuddles and feeds

Baby is born and it is time for a cuddle and feed. As your birth photographer I capture these moments. Once the placenta is out, cord has been cut and things have calmed a bit I will photograph the cord and the placenta and leave the room so the family can get a moment to themselves. I ask that a midwife will call me back in again when it is time to weigh and measure your new baby. We will photograph it all and my job in the hospital/birthing location is now concluded.

Newborn getting his first meal
Newborn getting his first feed

I will be on an all high, just like the new parents. Expect to get a link to your gallery within a week. And a package with prints and a usb for all your digitals within 2 weeks after birth

Contact me if this is for you 🙂


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    • Hi Samantha, I am currently running a special and will have the 3 next confirmed bookings at half price. Full coverage, including a fresh 48 mini session is listed at $1200. I can email through some more information shortly 😉

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