Running a newborn photography business

So, it has been 3 years and a bit since I started my adventures of  Newborn Photography :-). The learning curve has been steep and the rewards are amazing. I get to enjoy the very beginning in so many teeny tiny humans lives. I am still in awe that parents let me in to these very special moments. The very first session I had was hard, sweet, jawdropping amazing, special, shocking….all of these descriptions will do.

Little Rishona was my first client, so beautiful, 3 weeks new and just gorgeous all over. My daughter and I spent 3 hours in her home, trying to capture all her sweet features, struggling with a tiny space, ever shifting light source, 7 people in a 12m3 area. It was a challenge to say it the least. We learned a lot from this and the next few sessions. The biggest would be to roll with the punches, just go in with a no expectations, working in clients homes -we never know what to expect. We have been in studio appartments, so small not even my backdrop would fit, and large mansions over 3 floors full of artefacts and glory. All types has its pros and cons.


I am pretty proud of this latest one and I am certainly looking forward to continue developing my skills. Just last week I completed my teeny home studio and are now ready to take sessions on here. I can’t wait to get my first little one in this week and work in a perfectly setup studio. Through the last couple of years I have completed a lot of training, this includes newborn safety class, first aid, working with composite images, photoshop- this is a huge part in the Newborn Photography industry.



You may see all these cute images where baby is leaning on her hands like this….. this is an image taken in at least two goes and then combined later in photoshop. It takes time, dedication and skill to get it right. And the last thing we want is to hurt a baby, so I never recommend this pose for a new photographer. I waited nearly 2 years before attempting this pose.

The basic of how the so called froggy pose is done. You will always need a helper, and not all babies are sleepy enough to get into this pose. I personally will only attempt this when baby is in a very deep sleep and I have a helper on hand.

Newborn photography, it is like running a small marathon, the room temperature is high, you have to work around baby’s needs and when that little one falls into the deep sleep, we work fast. Very fast :-), get all the angles right, make sure the light is correct, pop the headband on straight without waking up baby, holding on tight to make baby feel safe, hoping the white noise I use will keep baby asleep… is just a mayhem. Then, after the session is completed I will take a breather, go for a coffee and clear my head. Most days I really can’t wait to get stuck back into it. I load the images and start to go through the images. Every time my goal is to cull it all down to the 40 best images….this usually means I have to take it down from 150-200 clicks to 40. I never get there. Nearly all of my clients get to see double of that, I only take out the ones that are blurry, have a hand waiving, wonky eyes, unless they look like this….

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